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Patient testimonials

My Podiatrist sent me for physical therapy to get relief from bone spurs in my left foot.  The pain in my heel was so bad that that I was doing everything I could to keep from putting my weight on the really sensitive areas of my heel.  I was limping along for months before PT with no hope of relief in sight.  I didn’t realize that favoring my heel as I walked was also doing damage to other parts of my body.

I was having low back pain, hip pain and knee pain.  Frankly, after having completed PT with different physical therapists in the past, with very poor results, I didn’t have much hope that it would work for me this time.  I decided to take a chance, and I am so very grateful to ProAction PT, that I did.  Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 20 years ago, I have a fairly low tolerance for pain.  Fortunately for me, my therapist has done a lot of work with others with my condition.  If any exercise was causing me pain, Bill would find a different exercise or cut the duration of it in half, or whatever it took to make me comfortable.  I felt well taken care of, and safe, knowing I wasn’t going to hurt myself there.  Within the first two weeks in PT, I started being more comfortable walking my dog and was able to stand in the shower and wash my hair, to garden, and to do light exercises with very little trouble.

My exercises changed as I regained strength and movement in my ankles, heel, knee and even my low back pain all but disappeared.  I faithfully reviewed and completed my exercises at home on a daily basis, and went to ProAction PT twice a week to work with Bill.  I found that in order to achieve my best results with physical therapy, I had to take an active role in the process.  In a very short period of time, we mutually decided that I was in a very good space physically and it was time to leave.  I learned a lot about taking care of myself from Bill so I can live a better tomorrow.

– Eileen P

Before going to physical therapy, I had pain in my right hip. I could not stand up straight. It appeared my left leg was shorter than the right as one would observe my stance. My chiropractor would adjust my hip and the next day it would return to its uneven placement.

After learning exercises to strengthen the muscles in my hip and back, the pain is passing. As I continue the exercises, the adjustment is holding and I am standing up straight. I went for PT for less than three months and have had so much relief. The doctor at the Rothman Institute was correct in sending me to PT. Also, all of the exercises which were so carefully given have relieved my pain in a short time.

– Josephine S

I had a rotator cuff tear and impingement before surgery, and my left arm had become so painful and with not much mobility. Now after surgery and 12 weeks of physical therapy, I have almost no pain and my mobility is almost back to normal. PT was very painful in the beginning and very necessary to do all home exercises at home. This PT program has been amazing, even the surgeon was impressed at the speed of my recovery. Today I now feel 98% better than ever and I contribute this to Bill and I am so amazed how I feel today. I would recommend ProAction PT to everyone who would need shoulder therapy. I am just so happy.

– Brian W

I had lack of confidence while walking without a cane. Have used a cane for several months before therapy.

I have had four weeks of vestibular therapy now and am able to walk with confidence without any cane. I am now able to walk and turn my head while continuing the walk, was unable to do that prior to treatment.

I now have increased range of motion of neck without discomfort. I am able to turn my head 90⁰ left and right. Have ability now to reverse direction while walking, unable to do that before. Static balance has improved. Can stand now 15-20 seconds with little swaying, with eyes open and closed. Dramatic improvement!

– Harold H

Bill Morey has been my physical therapist for several years. He will continue to be so now that has opened his own private practice. Bill has treated me for many different physical therapy issues. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, extremely professional and extremely kind. Bill goes that extra mile. Not only is he my physical therapist, he is my personal coach as well, helping me to always return to the exercise sports and programs I love –making sure I do so safely. Bill truly cares!
– Deanie Y

Hi Bill, I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. I wanted to let you know that about a week and a half ago at just about 6 months after my surgery, I was able to ride my bike. I am so happy. Thank you so much for your therapeutic skill and your encouragement.
– Email from Anita C

My daughter, Liz, has been a cheerleader for the past 8 years. She began experiencing back pain while tumbling and stunting. Her pediatrician just kept telling her to rest and stretch. This did not help and she was in constant pain. Then we went to see Dr. Bill Morey. After an extensive exam he showed Liz exactly where the pain was coming from and what was causing her to have pain. He then gave her a personalized workout plan including stretches and strengthening exercises. One year later, Liz is still cheering and has no pain. Thank you Dr. Bill for helping my daughter so she is able to continue to do what she loves most!
– Cindi K

I met Bill Morey over 2 years ago. Bill successfully treated me for plantar fasciitis, arthroscopy shoulder surgery and a total hip replacement. He is nice, gentle and compassionate; but what had me going back is that he is an amazingly competent physical therapist. While under his care, I had his focused and dedicated time and attention.  He took the time – every time – to really talk to me and discuss my progress or lack thereof, what was working and what wasn’t.

One of the things I love is that Bill uses different techniques to bring his patients relief. I have personally, on several occasions, benefitted from his dry-needling to relieve pain during my post-surgical therapies and also for my migraines. Bill has treated me with vestibular therapy to stop the dizziness during my vertigo episodes. Twice now, I have been able to walk out on my own two feet after his vertigo treatment.

At last, but not the least, Bill has established a good standing relationship with my orthopedic doctors and surgeons. This was very helpful after my surgeries since Bill and my surgeons were able to communicate directly.

Now that Bill has opened his own practice in Lansdale PA, I will make the 45- minute drive to see him. This is a testament of my trust in him and in his capabilities.

– Valerie C